Glass Pool Fencing

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Glass Pool Fencing in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa and surrounding areas

What better way to enhance your pool than a glass pool fence from Tauranga Glass.
Here at Tauranga Glass, we specialise in frameless and semi frameless pool fencing systems.

Custom made to your requirements meeting all the New Zealand pool safety requirements of NZS 8500

Channel, spigots or post systems we do it all!

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Importance of Glass Pool Fencing

The importance of glass pool fencing cannot be overstated, particularly in areas such as Tauranga, where the temperate climate creates a perfect setting for poolside relaxation. Glass pool fencing serves a dual purpose. It provides an essential safety barrier, while also enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space. In recent years, Tauranga residents have increasingly recognised the value of investing in high-quality glass pool fencing solutions to safeguard their families and elevate their outdoor living areas.

Safety is undoubtedly the paramount concern when it comes to pool fencing. In Tauranga, as in many other regions, there are strict regulations in place to ensure that pools are appropriately fenced to prevent accidents, particularly for young children. Glass pool fencing offers a robust and reliable solution, meeting and often surpassing regulatory requirements. The transparent nature of glass fencing allows for unobstructed visibility, enabling parents and caregivers to keep a watchful eye on children in and around the pool. The lack of footholds or handholds on glass fencing also makes it difficult for children to climb over, further increasing the safety aspect.

Aside from its safety features, glass pool fencing also contributes significantly to the aesthetic appeal of a property in Tauranga. The sleek, modern design of glass fencing effortlessly blends with any architectural style and does not obstruct the beautiful vistas that are abundant in this region. By choosing glass pool fencing, homeowners can maintain an open, spacious feel around their pool, which enhances the overall ambience and enjoyment of their outdoor oasis. Ultimately, glass pool fencing offers an ideal combination of safety and style, making it an essential investment for any pool owner in Tauranga.

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